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  1. looks like your right i never made that connection, i'll test it and let you know. 8-4-4-4-12 edit: Working Great Thanks
  2. I've been having an issue with syncing temporary files that i don't want to sync. The files have no extension on them and i was wondering if there was a way to stop this. The file names are random like you can see below. It's annoying constantly uploading temp files like this on my limited home bandwidth, and i really cant change where these temp files are going.
  3. I have BTSync installed on 5 different computers, two windows and on 3 linux VPS's. The installs on the VPS seam to close themselves or crash anywhere from a few times a day to every few days. I can't seam to find the issue. The vps's all have ubuntu 12.04 LTS installed and it crashes on all three. If there is any info that i can provide that can help find the issue let me know and i'll provide it.