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  1. I'm also having the spinning icon issue (when no data is transferring) for a long time: Resilio 2.5.3 (999), recently updated but has been occurring for at least last 2 versions I had installed Mac OS Sierra (and after updating to High Sierra beta last night) I don't have the high CPU though.
  2. Helen Thanks for that clarification on peers. Does raising the limit cost BitTorrent more from an infrastructure point of view? because I'd suggest that this would be a huge upsell for some people.. Also you didn't reply to my query about a gratis Pro license? Is there someone I can get in touch with to discuss how we are using it and whether it is something that BitTorrent would be happy to provide? (I am bringing you between 400-1000 new users a year after all..) Cheers Brian
  3. TLDR; I get around 400-600 people per year to install BTSync, we've had some issues with transfers which may be related to peer limits of 1.4.x, can I have a free license for this purpose and get people using 2.0 please? Long version: I have 3 folders that are used to distribute development tools to first time sprinters at 2-3 international Drupal conferences per year as part of the post conference code prints. On average we are instructing ~200 people/event to install sync so that we can push these tools from seeds within the same room to stop the network link going down. I believe tha
  4. +1 for the ability to schedule per secret Or even better the ability to categorise secrets and set schedule per category. eg: work - active sync 9am-5pm -Client 1 secret -Client 2 secret -etc miscellaneous - active sync 5pm-9am -Some shared files secret -etc
  5. Is there anything that can be done to show the completion status for the sync of individual secrets?
  6. It's still crashing a lot for me.. doesn't generally stay open for more than a minute before it crashes unless I pause syncing after opening. I'm happy to grant access to the share that I believe may be causing this problem if it helps with debugging. OS X Crash log attached Process: BitTorrent Sync [35402]Path: /Applications/BitTorrent SyncIdentifier: com.bittorrent.SyncVersion: 1.3.105 (1.3.105)Code Type: X86 (Native)Parent Process: launchd [327]Responsible: BitTorrent Sync [35402]User ID: 501Date/Time