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  1. WOW ! that's a lot of fixes in one release guys. Are there more to come, or is the software working properly now ? I know that's a loaded question, but I have been keeping my eye on things and am interested to know how stable it all is now as there seems to have been an awful lot of things going on since the initial release of V2 Seeing the line 'many core engine improvements' does not bode well with me, as it was my understanding that the core engine was working fine - what needed improving ?
  2. if you check the sync over LAN setting then this should work within your LAN perfectly well it does not need the internet.
  3. people have been 'feeding back' to an empty room since 2.0 was released about the lack of and incorrect information in the 'status' column, I doubt anyone is listening now ! How difficult could it be to put the tick back? How unintuitive is it to have a blank status cell?
  4. Interesting Songolo - I wonder what version of the DSM software you were using? I have customers in Spain and the UK and we have absolutely no problems at all using Cloud station both between the Synology NAS boxes and to various PC's - I have had zero errors and no problems at all with the forums or setting things up. Perhaps I have a newer release (5.1) of the software to you? I only have 6 users in my office also using the same data on the NAS as a server and it works very well - and as a print server, and as a photo server to the outside world for my friends and family to share :-) all
  5. Am I missing something here? I have been struggling with BTSync on my 6 PC's, 3 tablets & 10 phones for about a year - it seemed to be the BEST solution for my needs with V1.4 regardless of cost. Finally gave up after the 2.0 release which has never worked for me and have purchased a Synology NAS. This comes with software that syncs across ALL devices, albeit in a slightly different master/slave scenario (which I prefer), but it works. Without any dramas. On Apple, Android, Windows - across an office LAN as a network and across the World sharing files with several others. Yes, you ha
  6. So guys, the program is DESIGNED to lie - interesting!! How can the software possibly be synced if it has never been connected to a peer ? - ridiculous and lazy programming in my opinion. but its designed that way - excellent, thanks for letting me know. I was not really reporting problems Helen, just giving people a step by step account of the initial setup process and the stupid (in my opinion) erroneous reporting that the GUI provides whilst this is happening I am calling these bugs, but you say they are designed that way - fine, understood - great way to react to customer feedback!
  7. I would try using 1.4 style 'folders' by holding shift and pressing the add folders button. Add this folder manually to the other side using a key and point it to your second D drive and see what happens :-) Not sure how to do this with 2.0 style folders, but it could possibly be the same method. I think there is a way to force the second machine to a particular folder if you have linked devices and identities, but it is too complex for me, I am sticking with the simplicity of 1.4 for now - it syncs folders just the same once set up. Others may have more experience at the more complex bits s
  8. What happened to the version number in the filename??? ARE YOU NOT LISTENING TO YOUR CUSTOMERS ??????? How can I tell which .exe file to use when I have three with the same file name in my download folder?? Yes, I change the name MYSELF in order to keep control of what I have downloaded and in order to enable me to go back to a previous version, BUT This is supposed to be a PROFESSIONAL PAID for product. COME ON - GET PROFESSIONAL YOURSELVES and give the file name a version number!!!!!!
  9. Is anyone there ? or is it that nobody cares? I have reported several bugs here and not a single response from 'The Team' (or anyone else for that matter!!) I am stuck at work now unable to do any work until BTSync has transferred a 100Mb file to my home PC. It seems that even the communication between computers is limited to 'one at a time' as well, as I have four much smaller files backed up waiting to sync - one of which I wanted to 'save as' a pdf file, but I am not allowed as it is locked by BTSync!!!! This I suspect is the way the software works, so I will be stuck with this everytim
  10. Hi All, I am just in the process of starting again with V2.0 and I have set up computer #1 with two big folders - one 167Gb and the other about 135GB. Both folders are on the same physical drive in the computer running win7Ultimate 1: The program is busy indexing folder #1 but is reporting date synced from when the folder was created. How is this possible as it has not been connected to a peer, and so therefore has never synced. BUG. edit - DOUBLE BUG, we have not yet started the sync process at all !!!! as all I have done is set up one side and indexed so how can we have a date synced???
  11. I think you need coffee!! If you want to mirror drive d to e to f on the one computer you need to use RAID in some configuration. If you want to SYNCRONISE computer 1 drive D with computer 2 drive D etc etc, then yes you can, BUT BTSync synchronises FOLDERS, not drives, so you would need to synchronise each of the folders in the root of the drive. You mention D,E&F, so I assume you have a C drive running the computer and the other drives are data - if so then you can simply add a top level folder in each drive (call it dataD for instance) and then you only have 3 folders to sync across
  12. Perhaps this feature should be renamed 'selective sync' with the option to turn on selective sync being the Pro feature ?
  13. @GreatMarko, #1: I think you will find that is EXACTLY what I said! However, it is NOT what Roman is saying!! So who is correct? And, if one pays for the use of the software for a business is that identity the business and are all its devices that are linked together under that one identity OK for one license ? This is a moot point, as the software has no idea how many people are using it as Hungarianhc has pointed out. @RomanZ - it would be impossible for you to police what you are suggesting as you (BTSync) have NO IDEA how many actual people are using one licence on many linked devices wi
  14. I think you will find that VISTA is not supported on Pro2 so you will be out of luck - I had a dig around and it appears to only support Win7 and higher. However, it should really have told you this when you attempted to install the program, rather than fool you into thinking all is OK by installing and wasting your time getting to this stage in your work attempting to sync another computer. Devs, please take note, if it does not support a platform/OS please make it NOT install on that platform/OS.