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  1. Why oh why oh why can people not f$%k around with software that was small, fast and brilliant. 1.3 was easy and worked first time. 1.3 was genius. I liked the web GUI and the way you did stuff. 1.3 has been praised by me to all and sundry. 1.3 made me very happy. 1.3 was unbelievable. ... 1.4 is not these things. When I've calmed down, I'll list the things that don't work for me. It's too dangerous now.
  2. All sorted. Many thanks for 'nudging' me in the right direction. I just didn't have time to read the manual today, but have now. All working fine with Specific Hosts and Ports. OK, where do we donate? Paully
  3. Ah, that'll be the "Predefined Hosts" option in the Preferences for a share! Sorry, a real newbie error. :-) Paully
  4. Ah, I think I have found the web page on this... "Known hosts (folder settings). If you have a known host with a static ip:port, you can specify this in Sync client, so that it connects to the peer using this information." I take it that is in the MANUAL that I haven't read fully yet? ;-) Paully
  5. Harold Thanks for replying so quickly, and good news to all those answers! I have tested a sync on a LAN and one "just finds" the other, which is very neat. However, in a WAN scenario, how can I "fix" the IP addresses without the need for relays, DHT, etc or DO I have to use those things? I guess what I am trying to ask is can I set up the config so that it automatically "knows" which IP address to try? A bit like setting up a VPN where you know which end is where. :-) Paully
  6. I have a newbie question, and this thread seems the best for it. (great app by the way!) If I want to go about connecting from one office to another office what's the best way? Both IP addresses will be fixed. Things I am considering... * different or same ports * tcp or udp * through a tunnel or is traffic encrypted anyway Thanks in advance Paully