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  1. It might be my Sd card I don't know. It won't let me change the owner it just reverts back to default when I leave. I'm using CM File Manager. This is really Faustarting.
  2. Yes I am using Handle external module still noting is working. Giving me the same errod. Also on your cm 11 are you doing any thing special to permit it? Basically what happens is the files transfer well for about 4 mins or less then it shows the message. Could it be an issue with my computer? 2 weeks on constant effort still nothing working. Also what format is your ext SD in it might be a problem I simply don't know. Also in what folder do you save yours in and what permissions does it read for that particular folder? I appricate the help I'm new to Android so I don't know much.
  3. Yes the on in the ext sd . Also I flashed cm 11 still nothing. Can u tell me the ROM you use to remove all of these restrictions. I trued xposed as well and even sdfix it still returns the same message each time.
  4. I have tried everything nothing is working. I'm trying to synch 14 gigs of comics to my ext SD card still no luck even after rooting it still says no permission to write to selected folder.help please I have been trying for a week now.