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  1. Thanks, How can I identify the locked files? I can't find the word "locked" inside the log. Then after I can run Unlocker.
  2. Thanks, however, it is only data storage file, no software or OS are on this hard drive and no file are open.
  3. Hello, since I update to the new version some strange things happens: - I always have "locked file" - new file version (whatever the type of file, autocad, 3dsmax...) get overide by older version. So I incrementaly save the files now to avoid problems. - The locked file can't be seen on the log file. Searching for "locked" term in the log return nothing. - The "out of sync" always show up Please advice, Thanks. PS : it is about a 474Go sync file beetween a Hard drive under win7 and a folder on a server under win server 2008, and it was working incredibly well untill the last uptade.
  4. thanks, seems it is on already but I can't find the log into the Windows: %APPDATA%\BitTorrent Sync. Searching sync.log,did not return anything. Searching *sync.* neither! Where is the log on win 7? Ok, finally found it, it is under the user folder.
  5. "Step 1. Turn on Debug Logging. Windows and Mac: click on BT Sync icon in system tray and select "Enable Debug Logging". Linux: create file debug.txt with contents of FFFF in the .sync folder. You can find the .sync folder in the same directory where the btsync binary is located." There is nothing like this in my tray under win7 / BTsync version 1.4.93 beta!
  6. Hello, that's exactly what I have done. Where can I find the degug log?
  7. Thanks Yes, exatly. Sadly, we can't synchronise a full Hard Drive with Bitsync. One of the folder Inside the dirve is 200 GB and I notice that sometime the traffic goes done to 0.5% instead of being 99%, but most of the time, after 2 hours and 50 Gb later, the sync is progressing well.
  8. After some test, I find out that it will make one way sync when the source file is a full Hard Drive and the destination is a folder. In this case, Bitsync will copy what is Inside the destination folder to the Hard drive and not the reverse!
  9. Hello, I'm trying to sync from win7 to win server 2008 R2 but the sync work only from the Win Server 2008 to win7 and not the reverse, like the sync is one way only. A file change in Win7 will not be change in Win server 2008. A file create in Win7 will not be sync in Win server 2008. I do not get any error message. The soft was first installed in win7 and then installed on win server 2008. Both are using 64 bit OS. Version 1.3.105 of Bitsync