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  1. I have BTSync 1.4 running on a WD MyCloud Mirror (the RAID version), which I installed using the ARM build. It is running WD's 1.03.41 firmware which I've avoided updating so far in order to ensure Sync still runs. Now with Sync 2.0, it appears there is official support for installing through WD's app store for EX2 and EX4, but there was no mention for the MyCloud Mirror which also has a WD App Store with a way to manually upload a binary (see this screenshot). 1) Will Sync 2.0 run on my WD MyCloud Mirror? 2) Can I download the binary for EX2/EX4 and install it through the App store on my
  2. I'm now running 1.4.103 on my iPhone but am still encountering the same issues. I saw in the release notes for 103 that it included: Fixed issue with new items added to Camera Roll not being backed up Fixed issue when files added to a folder were sometimes not syncing" I was hopeful that it included a fix for the issue I outlined above but it doesn't seem to have been resolved. Any update on it, or anyone else having the same issue still?
  3. @GreatMarko - thanks for responding, that'd be a relief so I'm glad you think it's just an iOS app issue that's temporary. I'll look for app updates and try again. I'm on the Sync Community tester so I'm willing to test any new builds as fixes become available.
  4. I have been using BitTorrent Sync Version (1.3.106) on my WD MyCloud NAS for the last few months with no issues, until a few weeks ago when I inadvertantly updated my iOS Sync app to 1.4.71. Now I can no longer seem to back up my camera roll. It looks at my camera roll and estimates the size but then just stays in that state and never seems to back anything up. In the web UI for Btsync on the WD drive, it shows that the iOS app has connected, but on the iOS app it displays "0 devices connected". I assume this is because I need to update the BitTorrent Sync app on my WD MyCloud, but from th
  5. @bof Thanks for the thought - I checked and indeed I did have automatic firmware updates on. So I disabled that feature, copied my init script to /etc/init.d, made sure it was executable, started it, and then rebooted the My Cloud Mirror to see what would happen. Upon reboot, I logged in via SSH, and looked in /etc/init.d and the script is no longer there and the 8888 port does not respond. Any other thoughts? Is this perhaps an oddity of the "Mirror" version of My Cloud?
  6. Thanks in part to this thread, I was able to get btsync installed and running on my WD My Cloud Mirror 8TB. I set up one synchronized folder as a test, and also tested the camera roll backup from the Btsync iOS client. It worked great for a couple days, but then randomly btsync stopped running. The webserver (port 8888) wasn't responding, and when logging in via SSH I could verify that btsync was no longer in /usr/bin where I had placed it, and my /etc/init.d/btsync was also no longer there. Thinking it was a glitch, I reinstalled, set up my folders again, and all was good for another day