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  1. Hello, Just discovered Sync a couple of weeks ago. Great software! Sorry if a similar request has been posted before + I’m sure I could use better terminology but I’m not an IT savvy so please bare with me. I’m using quite a few machines (4 at home network, 3 at work) and always download stuff for my projects. You can imagine how things can get quite messy after a while, downloading the same doc again and again, deleting originals and not knowing if I should delete one file without checking if I have it on the other machine (where it should be). After sorting years of clutter (and discovering this awesome application) I thought up an idea that would be great for me and I believe for others too. In order to get things nice and tidy I made a server that holds all of my valuable files and ‘shared’ the important folders over my home network. What I want is basically the same as a normal local style shared folder, but with the additional function of sync (for the purpose of relay) while offline. That way I could still place the newly downloaded files in their ‘natural’ folder so they will ‘wait’ there until the server is back online and then copy and delete themselves to free up space and avoid doubles. Ideally, this folder would also be an actual shared folder so once it has been physically deleted from the source machine one could still access it (on the same machine it has been just deleted from) as it is now on a shared folder. So if my server is on I can access anything anywhere (and enjoy normal shared folder capability) but if not I can at least make sure I won't clutter things up by just placing the new file in its intended folder and let ‘Sync’ do the sorting later. *I’ve tried Win7 ‘offline shared files/folders’ but this seems too convoluted and offline means that you will have too many files on all machines constantly (I think ). Make sense? Thanks