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  1. Yeah, that's my fallback if my latest process doesn't work. Unfortunately I'd like to avoid it because the sheer number of files will make zipping (and then unzipping) a very time-consuming process. Thanks for the thought, though.
  2. Ahh, I bet it's a memory issue. The old server is a bit memory-strapped. It's looking more and more like a zip-like-tool is going to be what's needed. Thanks for the tip about memory--I bet that's it. Now I know I should pursue another route. Originally the intent with using BT Sync was that it could start weeks in advance and keep up with changes so that when deployment day came, it was basically done and up to date on this directory. And it was great for getting around the firewall.
  3. Hello, I'm migrating 4.6 million files (125 GB) from one server to another using BT Sync. I've made it to about 75 GB and it's now crashing on one of the servers. The "old" server where it's crashing while trying to index the directory is Windows Server 2003. The new server is Windows Server 2012 and it's not crashing (yet). The crash is a non-specific Windows error about the program blowing up. No other programs are affected. Any suggestions for solving the crash? Any suggestions for an alternate tool? Thanks.