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  1. This was a feature we had in version 1.4 if I recall correctly. If the feature is present in 2.0 it needs to be made more clear. And it's certainly a feature that we need. I use it constantly to add epub files to my book reader's folder on my Android. Synchronizing a second folder and then moving the file to the right folder within Android is just silly.
  2. Thanks GreatMarko. It's beta software, so I tend to assume these kinds of glitches will happen. I'll wait for a fix which hopefully won't take too long. That said, I'm not a Linux guru by far and I'm gradually migrating from the Windows world and I've got a question about how this works in Linux, (specifically KUbuntu 14.04), if someone will endulge a question that probably has more to do with the operating system than with BTSync. I use BTSync for work and personal. I'd prefer to test new versions on my personal stuff. But if I added the tuxpoldo/btsync repository and installed BTSync from there, does this mean every update will be automatically applied when the OS tells me that updates are available? Sorry, I realize that it's a faux pas to stray from the topic, but I hope you'll endulge me. Windows obviously doesn't have anything like that, but it's the kind of value added feature that I could see being part of Linux. It could just have some unintended consequences for me since I don't really know what I'm doing.
  3. I'm having the same issue, although mine is not a reinstall, it's a fresh install on a fresh install of KUbuntu 14.04 LTS. (I used the same install procedure as I did on my XUbuntu and Ubuntu installations earlier without any problems.