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  1. i had consistent difficulties with an arm (RPI) and a linux (i386) installation with 1.3.105 and needed to downgrad.. my problems were SyncDb: failed to prepare query to save file info - 5 for downgrading: get the sources from (unzip the archive) find the folder where the btsync-common executable is currently (in my case /usr/lib/btsync-common). rename (or delete) the btsync-common-xxx file there and paste the one from the archive and rename it to whatever the name of the previous file was. start btsync... the downgrad process would be simpler if leo moll could leave older versions on the ppa. then apt-get or synaptic would be able to see them. (otherwise: great work to maintain the ppa! thank you!) performance is back where it was before on the ARM, but on the linux system i still have SyncDb: failed to execute query to save file info - 5 any hint what could be the reason? (some permissions somewhere?) andrew