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  1. I really appreciate your help. I had figured out the necessary chmod command and parameters by the time you read the last post, and I have everything working. But I agree, a root-and-branch removal of the SynoCommunity package, and replacement with the DIY version, is my next step. Again, thanks for your help.
  2. JimmyTheSaint, you are indeed that. I appreciate your help. I am able to login via ssh as "admin"; I have no idea what my "root" user password is; I don't recall being asked to set one up during initial configuration of the NAS, or at any time since. Looking at /etc/passwd in vi, the btsync user's line is already properly configured to end with /bin/sh. It's a good thing, because the file is read-only; I can't edit it. Not when logged in as root! Beyond that you've kinda lost me. I also don't know the btsync user's password; don't recall ever being asked to supply one on initial configur
  3. Ditching the community installation for a manual sounds like a good idea. I'm something of a command-line novice, so I admit to being intimidated a bit by that process! I made a stab at it but ran afoul of the NAS's root and btsync user passwords, which I didn't have when called for. Not sure I ever set either one up. I'm also not sure what you mean by "checking the owner" (of the files). At least through the Synology web management interface, I don't see anywhere that one can alter the owner, though you can exert granular control of all other permissions for a given file or folder. Any furt
  4. I have been running BitTorrent Sync 1.3.94 on a Synology 412+, installed via the SynoCommunity package, for some months without difficulty. With the synology as the central file repository, I've successfully kept files in sync between an always-on MacMini that runs Apple Mail and Hazel rules; and a MacBook Pro laptop, an iPhone, and an iPad. Everything has worked flawlessly until recently, and I can't figure out what has gone wrong. Suddenly I found I was having sync issues with a few of my more-used folders. I deleted them from sync and tried to re-add the folders thru the Synology BTS inte