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  1. Hello Guys, I built a 3 node-environment which consists of my MacBook as master and two FreeBSD-Servers as read-only-slaves. On top I access the share with my mobile by using the BTSync-IOS-App. Because I want a "backup"-solution for accessing my share, I use one of the read-only-share with a chrooted SFTP-server. Yesterday I deleted one Folder with my SFTP-Client on one of the read-only-share to test the recreation. I thought, that BTSync should mention the missing folder on one of the read-only-shares and recreates it. This didn't happened - Should it? The MacBook is "off", but the other read-only-share is "on", so I can access the share with my IOS-App and see the "deleted" folder. In the debug-log I found several Errors: Error: /btsync/btsync_markus/data/ ... - PostDownload: hostname not found TorrentFile: failed to copy stream suffix "/btsync/btsync_markus/data/ ..." into suffix file, error = 2 TorrentFile: failed to delete stream suffix file "/btsync/btsync_markus/data/ ... " error = 2 SyncFilesController: failed to set download type for /btsync/btsync_markus/data/...Any suggestions? Regards Markus