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  1. Probably no real answer/help for you, but I know this behaviour from btsync when the system is 'a bit underpowered' and the shares it has to index contain _a_lot_ of files ... ... then the bootstrap of btsync seems to take a very long time, and in this time, the webinterface doesn't react at all (but the systems kernel already accepted the TCP-Connection. Hence no timeout) So often enough it seems simply enough to just wait until it has done its thing. When I switched to latest btsync 2 it also took me a very while to react. So I was interested to find out what it's doing and startet t
  2. thanks GreatMarko, for the answer ... So Iĺl probably have to play a bit with this. I'll see, if I can work out a linux-solution for this ... ... currently I'm thinking about running multiple instances of btsync via lxc - anyone tried, what happens, if different btsync-instances are seeding the same directory?
  3. btsync is great - thanx ... But I have a small issue I have some boxes in the datacenter, where BTsync is running and seeding to multiple hosts. normally I'll put new stuff on one host and these will be seeding to all the clients. So now I have these hosts connected with 1G links to the Internet and I have connected them on the backside with a dedicated 10G Network (Yes, the machines have 10G links) So my Idea is, that I push some new files to one of the seeder, they will use all the bandwidth between them and then seed it to "the world" with an 1G uplink each. But as it seems, the