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  1. Yes the source device is visible two arrows, computer name, folder, path status= down arrow 18.4 GB
  2. Helen Thanks - i added Use Predefined Hosts. - ie in the properties of the file on the receiving PC - using the source PC's IP a port value set to the Sending BT SYnc Listening Port in Preferences i restarted the BT Sync on both ends. Same result - 50% of the time it says on the Transfer tab - "Nothing is being transfer ed at the moment"
  3. On the basis that this has taken over two weeks to get a 20 Gig file, it shows no progress, it is only transferring data half the time - I have concluded that this application is a dud I installed FTP server, waited 33 hours and had my file - simpler faster and worked very very bad experience overall
  4. BTSync is only transferring data 50% of the time on a 19 Gig file as I have no "progress" indicator - I don't know how far this has got - but it has been running 5 days - and even at 50% rate - it should be well over any thoughts? during the on time it is 150-190 kB/s - for 60 seconds then stop during the off time it is "Nothing is being transferred at the moment" - 60 seconds I have 1.3.105 - on both Server 2012, WIn 8.1 with a VPN between them. the Device has two arrows indicating direct connect - on both computers I have set Preferences to Disk_Low_Priority to False, and Lan Encrypt