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  1. The link to the Sync Tech Support Web form does not work anymore. Where can i upload my crash dump? I have trouble starting my Sync Pro since a few days
  2. Priorytize some files in the queue is essential to me. I have people sending me smaller (important files) and huge (less important) files. i allways have to instruct clients to follow the right order to place the files in the folder but sometime i have to wait a few hours until the big file is done syncing so i can access the smaller one.
  3. It would be great if i could contact the owner of a connected device in real time (like a chat option). For instance to say that i have seen that the files are placed. or request that they delete a file. I work with clients who place new files every day and now they have to contact me by other channels to mention that they placed the file and me to confirm it's in. would be great if this is "in app"
  4. The "quick look"option in IOS app works perfect for watching a video on a IOS device exept the full screen option only works in Portrait mode. In Landscape mode the sidebar stays on screen. would be great if we can swipe the sidebay away.