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  1. Version 1.3.106 has the same problem too.
  2. For now I'm quite sure that btsync 1.3.105 running on ubuntu12.04 stops synchronization process after approximately 200 folders has been added to btsync. I've seen it on our production servers (believe me there are enough disk space and memory) and I did clean experiment on a different system. In the experiment I added folders to btsync in a loop using RW key. Each folder contained one file size of 1 Mb. Folders added using RO key to another btsync on the same comp on a different port. Target btsync awaited synchronized file has appeared on target folders. After 195 successfully synchronized f
  3. Unfortunately it doesn't explain why after a number shared folders added to btsync it stops synchronization and restored it as soon as some of shared folders were removed.
  4. Is there limit to number shared folders exists? I have an application that adds folders periodically to btsync using API. Each folder contains one video file. I noticed that sync stopped when about 200 folders has been added. When I manually removed some folders sync restored. Btsync 1.3.105 is running on Ubuntu 12.04. cat /proc/<btsync pid>/limits for max open files shows 128000. In logs I found something like this: "client" side: Blocked downloading file ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ due Connection closed "server" side: Torrent ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ status:137 error:<NULL> meta:1 conns:0 io:0 For