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  1. Aha. So it could be WP limitation? Can anyone confirm that? Someone named AleŇ° left app review in store that WP limits BittorentSync app functionality. Go and check it.
  2. Hi there! I have Windows Phone 8.1, installed BitTorrent Sync. Folcer synchronization toward the phone works great. I see the shared folders form my computer. Then I open one .txt file for editing. I make some changes and try to save the file and whoops, error: "Can't save - Your changes can't be saved because the fle is set to read-only." I went to computer, check the file properties and - it really way set to read-only. So I disable the setting, make it writable again. .... but no progress. Every time i check the file properties, the file is Read-Only. How can I edit the files on my Whindows phone and sync them back to computer?