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  1. Update: Deleting the settings files under AppData\Roaming\Bittorrent Sync got the windows machine to start indexing again, but I did get an error that asked me to reclaim the folder. Haven't gotten the mac indexing yet.
  2. I recently started using BT Sync and had it running fine for a few weeks, but suddenly the last few days, my one sync folder has decided to stop indexing on both computers. My setup is a macbook pro running snow leopard, and a windows 7 desktop. I have one folder setup to sync with multiple sub folders inside, but all settings were left to default. When I noticed the issue, the folders said they were synced properly, but when I compared the files, the windows 7 machine was missing some. To try and fix the problem, I removed the sync folders from both machines and re-added the folder on the