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  1. While searching ways to free up space in my system SSD, with spacesniffer i noticed huge logs in appdata/roaming/bittorrent sync and appdata/roaming/resilio. Those logs were 10gb big, and they kept the history of all my explorer.exe browsing. went to c:\secretfolder\secretfile on 24th april 2016 at 13.59? Logged! This imho is a big privacy issue, as this file indicates which folders and files are most accessed, can be useful to ransomware (encrypt most popular files first) or for forensic investigations, find file names with compromising names that were deleted long ago / see how often and when accessed those files. Also, writing logs like this, for no valid reason, is detrimental to the SSD life
  2. While investigating why my explorer.exe was crashing too often I found out that FOUR resilio explorer.exe DLLs not only weren't unregistered, but they continued to log all the folder access in appdata/roaming, with a 10gb log file!! I had all the history of previous resilio updates, including when they were named bittorrent sync Not only they were kept in memory after each update, but they weren't removed after the final uninstall (uninstall reason: the annoying windows 10 bug where the window keep opening at boot - you insist this is a feature, not a bug, it's clearly a bug, you are the only app with this behavior)
  3. Does anyone know if this bug has been fixed? Using a ssh tunnel + unison atm because this bug was driving me crazy, couldn't install on windows 10 systems anymore When it's just 2-3 pc, ssh+unison is a great alternative, but when i need to share to many others, resilio is perfect. No, I'm not willing to change my Windows settings to accomodate just one app, when the rest of them have already been fixed
  4. Do you plan to fix this bug? Exiting from sync by hand before closing Windows is extremely annoying Fall Creators update was published one year ago and you did not fix this bug yet....
  5. wait, so the problem is NOT fixed? The one you linked is a temporary fix. You can't pretend that all the users in the world change their system settings just to match your app Yours is the only app on my computers with this behavior, so it is a bug of your app, not a windows bug. If you don't plan to fix this bug, just tell us, so I will start to find an alternative. Thanks
  6. Ok, the "remove" button was offscreen, I managed to remove them...
  7. I created many shares on latest BT Sync 2.0. the problems are 2: The folders that I disconnected and deleted are still showing on the list Even if only 2 folders are syncing, the previous 12 shares that I created as a test are taking a slot of the "10 shares maximum".How I can permanently remove the shares?
  8. Me too. I forced all my team to switch from dropbox to sync and now this 10 folders limit really hits me (plus no commercial usage) There's no way I will pay $400/year with the hosting all on my expense
  9. I have a folder with files named like this: "Carta d'identità - myname.jpg" Files which have this name are ignored by sync. I'm not sure if it's the apostrophe or the accented à
  10. Can be possible that's just that the Pi filesystem is not in utf8? I had the same problem with debian... then I realized I wasn't using utf8...
  11. I don't know why, but after a few days it stopped showing the welcome screen - now it works OK
  12. I've noticed that, if I press "I agree to the T&C" and then press skip, bt sync loads my old settings. Weird edit: but it gets another ID, and shown as another computer in other clients....
  13. I'm experiencing the same problem on windows 8.1 and bt sync latest version In C:\Users\myuser\AppData\Roaming\BitTorrent Sync there's settings.dat but it gets ignored at every reboot
  14. but if I do that I change for the connected account, not for the btsync account
  15. I tried and I don't know how to change umask for btsync user (I'm not a linux guru, I could only change my user umask) I put this in cron: @hourly chmod -R 777 /files/mystuffugly hack, but...
  16. I did this: 1. mkdir /files2. chmod -R 777 /files3. chown btsync:btsync /files4. set up a new sync directory inside /files Now, all the files created by the btsync process have "644" permissions, meaning that I can't write them from other users How can I force btsync to create files with "777" permission bits? Thanks
  17. If I edit a Word file on an offline computer, then do other edits on another offline computer, when they both get connected, will I get a dialog/warning about the conflict, or the most recent will simply overwrite the older one?
  18. I don't see how a secret generated over the internet is more secure than the locally generated secret (by btsync app)
  19. Closed ports on incoming connections. Average transfers will have one peer with incoming connections allowed (port rerouted over NAT) but the other won't. Can the direct connection happen?
  20. I'm thinking to make a custom solution like the OP, is this possible on Windows or only Linux?
  21. I was wondering why my server was working even with ports closed. So, it might work also with closed ports, but performance is much much slower, because it goes through a Bittorrent Inc. server, right?