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  1. Thanks for your support! As far as Syncmade is concerned, the current agreement is that it does not target any enterprise user. As long as it is a SaaS for the general consumer, it perfectly complies with Sync's terms. In other words, this is not what the consumer makes with Syncmade that matters, but what he or she represents or registers as, a simple consumer and not a business or organisation. What is your project like by the way?
  2. If you are looking for a cloud presence for your BitTorrent Sync network, please take a look at this article.
  3. Today we are proud to introduce to all the BitTorrent Sync community a new product we have just launched: Syncmade ( Syncmade allows you to add a cloud presence to BitTorrent Sync without the hassle of purchasing a server and configuring UNIX-based BitTorrent Sync on it. Such cloud presence will allow you to keep your files online 24/7 while at the same time boost transfer rates by adding a 1Gbps peer to your BitTorrent Sync network. Syncmade brings competitive advantages for general users by offering cloud geography, or the option to select where the files should ge