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  1. This is already posted in the feature requests forum under Selective Sync. don't create topics in this forum for feature requests. and search better before posting.
  2. My Windows 8.1 client is currently at version 1.3.94 (2 versions behind) I'm happy for the auto-update (user is prompted to update version) to be like 1-2 weeks after it is posted to forum, but what I'm not happy about is that when I press "Check Now" I'm greeted with the message "Client version is up to date." only to check the forum to find I am more up to date version available, I am quite disgruntled to find I have to go through the process of updating my BT sync manually when I want the current release now. If a newer version is published to the forum and I press "Check Now" I expect to be given the newest version available to download from the main page at that time. As it stands, that does not happen and it tells me I am up to date. That is all
  3. Currently, BT Sync for Windows can create a QR code to share the folder secret with a mobile device, but it is not possible for it to read one. I would like to request that the desktop (windows at least) app includes an option to scan a QR code from the users webcam in the add folder dialog. --- Windows 8.1 Core Edition 64 bit BT Sync 1.3.105
  4. +1 for a Selective Sync feature, similar to how uTorrent client lets you select which files you want get from the host. Magnet links + uTorrent have shown this kind of behavior is possible, but to have it included in BT Sync would make BT sync even better
  5. The way BitTorrent Sync currently works is when you set-up a new folder to sync, that all sub-folders are set to the date you set-up the sync folder on the receiving client, instead of the original creation time of the folder on the host computer. This request is for a future version of BitTorrent Sync to retain attributes for all files and folders when syncing to their destinations Date Created Date Modified Date Accessed Read-Only Hidden --- Windows 8.1 Core Edition 64 bit BT Sync 1.3.105