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  1. I am building a media server based on btsync folders. When getting the files via api-"get_files"-request, I get that folder on my server where the file is stores. And I can stream this file from my server via the filesystem. I was wondering, if there is a way to access the files from any device thats in my cloud. I don't see any possibility doing this in the API-docs.
  2. removing the relay server option on each folder options solved the problem!
  3. I love the concept and it works really well, but there's one thing buggin me and I didnt find any answer anywhere: Is the technique with the folder secrets really secure? I mean, I add my folders to my client just by adding the folders secret. Since it contains 33 characters (my example) does and just Capital letters + Numbers, the possibilities to just guess a secrets are, in my example, (26 Capital Letters + 10 Numbers) * 36 Characters Is that correct or am I wrong?
  4. Thanks for your reply! I removed the "relay server" from my shared folder. Now I have to wait and see if there appear any more connections For my understanding: what is a relay server and what are predefined hosts? You were right. I have a server where I use the default btsync. And on my notebook with Ubuntu 14.04 I use btsync-gui. So, do you have any tipps for that matter?
  5. My GUI is listing a lot of devices in fact it shows the same device over and over again - I think for each sync. You can see an example screenshot here. "myDevice" on the screenshot is acutally my ubuntu (14.04 LTS) sync pc. Is that normal?