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  1. Many thanks - I look forward to helping to test. I'm sorry that I did not respond to the last requests - they arrived at a particularly busy time and ended up getting buried in other issues which required my time.
  2. I can confirm that this issue still happens for me with MS Access too. To test, set up a sync containing an Access database, open the database, then choose to compact it. Usually, on the first occasion, it just fails. If you persist them sometimes the process gets interrupted at a critical point and stranger things can happen. I have also had to resort to a backup before, although it's been a while. Now I make sure that I close sync before compacting .
  3. No - I still have to quit BTSync, then compact my Access database, then re-open BTSync, otherwise it sometimes does weird things like abort half way through and even leave it in an unreadable state. BTSync is a great app that I'm willing to pay for when it is right, but at the moment the fact that this issue remains causes me not to recommend it to non-techies who might not be able to fix the problems it might cause.
  4. This problem did not seem to exist with the earlier versions, e.g. 1.3.109 (which I still run on some machines just to avoid it). I assume that it is a side effect of some other change - I'd be interested (purely out of curiosity) to know what this change was.
  5. Thanks for the info! I'll check the change-log before testing. It would be great if you could squeeze it in because it's the type of bug that might put off new users who are not able/prepared to get on to the forum and discuss problems - rather they'll uninstall the software and revert to an inferior third-party-server-based product!
  6. Superb. I will notify you if it solves the similar problem I reported with MS Access.
  7. GreatMarko sent me here after I made a similar report. A link to my post for reference: http://forum.bittorrent.com/topic/31881-file-locking-in-14/.