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  1. Sync v2.2.7 Windows 7x64 Hi all, after some Windows updates and a reboot, all of my sync folders are gone. I checked the BitTorrent folder under appdata and noticed a new syncuser folder is created but the old one is there as well. How do I restore my previous folder syncs? This had happened before and I had to redo the entire setup but it's becoming a pain now as I now have so many more folders to redo. Is there an option to save your folder settings? Thanks! LN
  2. Hello, I have two ipads running ios 8.3 and Sync 2.0.27. I'm only using the Camera Backup to sync to a windows sync 2.x. Each ipad has their own folder sync on the windows pc. What I noticed is about 5-10 minutes into the sync the ipads drop off as if it went to sleep or something. If I launch the sync app on the ipads, the sync continues where it last left off. Is there a setting I'm missing to keep Sync running active in the background? Thank you for your help!