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  1. hi there I recently setup btsync on a freeNAS box. It works great. I made a mistakes though, and I can't remember what I set as the Web GUI password to. I'd prefer not to have to 'start over'. Is there a way to reset that password? I was reading the documentation and it looks like you can put the password in the config file and I found the config file, but it doesn't have a password set in it. JAIL_ROOT./usr/pbi/btsync-amd64/etc/btsync.conf I also found a settings.dat file, which appears to have a hashed version of the password, but it appears to be a binary file and I'm not a little afraid to try to edit it. JAIL_ROOT./var/db/btsync/settings.dat Is there something I can do, maybe from the command line? Thanks.