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  1. Should I not be able to stop all transfer much like the UI's "Pause Syncing" command?
  2. So far I've tried setting dowload_limit, upload_limit and rate_limit_local_peers without any luck. Updates continue to happen regardless of what I set them to be, Am I missing a preference I need to set?
  3. Doesn't matter, it appears to be resolved with a newer build of which I'm not allowed to talk about.
  4. Take a look over at https://github.com/jqs/phpbtsync All comments are welcome.
  5. One multiple machines (Mavericks and Yosemite) I'm seeing the following behaviour: btsync running in gui-less mode runs and performs as expected. However, it is not killing itself off after receiving the shutdown command. The process just becomes unresponsive after giving the proper { "error": 0 } response. My only action is to kill the pid at that point. Client is version 1.3.106. Is anyone else seeing the same behaviour?