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  1. @Remirus Thank you for your reply and suggestion to try 1.4.111. So far I was unable to run it. Every time I try to launch it, it silently exits. No error messages, no log, nothing... Please see this thread for some details:
  2. So, the the "Overwrite any changed files" option works essentially this way: If it's ON: every change you made to files/folders (modification or delete) in local folder will be corrected soon from a "master" device If it's OFF: you can change files/folders (modification or delete) and local folder will keep it this way. In this case it's effectively "one-time" sync mode. Is it correct understanding or I'm missing something here? Thanks in advance
  3. That's correct. I've downloaded file "BTSync-1.4.111.exe" and renamed it as "BTSync.exe". It's located in folder "C:\Sys\bin\BTS". As you can see on the Properties box picture (see my previous post) it has size 4,173,664 bytes and it's MD5 check sum I posted earlier. It was the "first run" (although I made many attempts to do that) and its launch always failed. I tried to run it using old settings ("settings.dat" placed in the same folder as "BTSync.exe"). In this case it should run, using old configuration. And I tried to run it without that settings file. In this case it could run a setp. The result in both cases was always the same - it simply failed to launch... P.S. This is the second attempt to make my post today in the same thread. The first post was accepted OK, but then just disappeared BTW, to moderators - changing domain name in this forum brakes all my old links to it... It's worst decision, that could be made in any forum Please keep that in mind. Thank you.
  4. Here is what I see in Properties box for BTSync.exe v1.4.111.0
  5. Are you talking about :Zone.Identifier ADS here? It's not the reason because I don't use that. Executable file is ADS free. OK. I've checked server for used ports and port 8888 available for binding. So, inability to bind listening port to 8888 is not the case here too... There is no lock on .EXE file. It simply exits when I try to launch it. There is no any warnings or error messages... It could give me a message box if there is a problem to solve. Or program may start with initiating its logging module first and put all its problems in a local "sync.log" file. But there is nothing. How to find out the problem in such case?
  6. @GreatMarko Thank you for the link. I've downloaded BTSync-1.4.111.exe file (MD5: 315C72EDBA8D359C61FE325BE2FA5155). But when I try to run it in Win2K3, it silently exits. There is no error or any kind of message... It's strange. I'm a bit confused with "UI will only be accessible via a modern web browser" thing. Do I have to do something special to access the BTSync UI dialog box now? In 1.3 I open its dialog box from tray icon. Do I have to connect to it now via port 80? My W2003 server runs my web site (along with some other services). Could it be the reason why BTSync just silently exits?
  7. Sure. It's because I'm using Windows Server 2003/32 to run it and I believe 1.3.109 is the latest version to run on that OS. It looks like the official download site doesn't offer anything newer. Could you please provide me a link to download 1.4. I'd be glad to check, if the issue was fixed there. Thanks.
  8. There is no much sense to send "ping" to "local IP" every second, if there is no response. It wastes network traffic and populates "sync.log" file with myriads of completely unnecessary lines... Prerequisites: * BTSync runs on a PC, that is in IP segment * Remote Sync/Android client runs from NAT router, that has similar local segment When Sync/Android connects to BTSync/Windows, the latter logs: [2016-01-29 19:02:34] Got list of 1 peers for share FD74..3594 [2016-01-29 19:02:34] Peer 0: WAN.IP.ADD.RES:55891 11ED..47D5 [2016-01-29 19:02:34] Peer 0: local IP Then log confirms connection to WAN IP of the remote client: [2016-01-29 19:02:35] ping WAN.IP.ADD.RES:1794 [2016-01-29 19:02:35] Checking connection to WAN.IP.ADD.RES:1794:TCP [2016-01-29 19:02:35] Incoming connection from WAN.IP.ADD.RES:1794 [2016-01-29 19:02:35] Incoming connection from WAN.IP.ADD.RES:39402 [2016-01-29 19:02:35] Incoming connection from WAN.IP.ADD.RES:39403 And after that, there is endless sequence of "ping" attempts to "local IP", that all failed: [2016-01-29 19:02:34] Peer 0: local IP [2016-01-29 19:02:35] Send ping to peer (11ED..47D5) for share FD74..3594: [2016-01-29 19:02:35] Checking connection to [2016-01-29 19:02:35] Send ping to peer (11ED..47D5) for share [2016-01-29 19:02:36] Send ping to peer (11ED..47D5) for share FD74..3594: [2016-01-29 19:02:36] ping [2016-01-29 19:02:37] Send ping to peer (11ED..47D5) for share FD74..3594: [2016-01-29 19:02:37] ping ... Presumption, that the client on "local IP" is always accessible, could be wrong (see Prerequisites above). And in such case, there is no need to continue sending "ping" requests every second. It's completely pointless... I'm running BTSync v1.3.109.
  9. It's completely weird, but by an accident I've discovered, that 2 files, that were added by remote peer and logged as synchronized in PC, have appeared in a totally different folder, which has different key associated with it... How is that even possible?... If that is possible, than could it be possible that my files will end up in a different device belonging to some unrelated user??? Now, in a hope to resolve the problem I've uninstalled BTSync and removed all its files from PC. Then I run it again (from a different folder, keeping old "settings.dat" in its binary folder). BTW, not related to this issue, but I've noticed, that in BTSync binary folder there is subfolder "Cache", which is always empty now. And all caches (*.db* files) are within the binary folder itself. Is it how it should be now or is it a new bug in v1.3.109? ------------------------------------------------- For those who will read this thread and who want to troubleshoot by themselves: 1. In PC you can turn on / off debugging by right clicking on BTSync icon in System Tray and choosing "Enable debug logging". Then you can watch "sync.log" file in BTSync binary folder. Keep in mind, that because BTSync program doesn't follow API rules to properly flush the file upon its updating, you have to manually close file in your watching program and open it again every time something is added to the log. Even Windows Explorer doesn't indicate its size change without pressing F5... 2. Log file for Android.Sync app is in this this folder: /data/data/com.bittorrent.sync/files/.sync I guess log detailing could be adjusted by changing value within "debug.txt" file, but it's just a guess...
  10. @Remirus, First of all, thank you for replying and I'm sorry for bad formatting of my initial post. It's hard to read now. While prepared, it was well formatted, but it lost all its whole formatting after posting. When I tried to edit it again, the edit window displayed proper old formatting. So, I've decided that Forum's DB kept it correctly and only its displaying was "temporary" affected. Perhaps not... Bad formatting still there. @Remirus, do you think it's problem with data/time/zone settings? Again, and succinct - my log shows, that: 1) file was added, then 2) synched. But there is no actual file here. And I don't see any warning/errors indicated, that time difference is the reason. I'd like to troubleshoot it locally first. 1. How to collect logs in Android Sync app? 2. How to set log in PC to debugging level? I'd like to collect more data, if it's possible? On PC I have sync_max_time_diff=600. Is there any way to set something similar in Android app? Thank you in advance
  11. I try to sync files between PC (WXP, BTSync v1.3.109) and remote Android tablet. When owner of tablet added file "Name" into his folder. In PC log I see events: 16-01-25 03:41:43 Dev-Tablet added file Name 16-01-25 03:41:56 Finished syncing file Name added by Dev-Tablet It looks like OK, but the problem is - there is no file "Name" in PC's associated folder. To test my local settings I used another local Android phone with Sync v2.3.1 running. If I add a file to PC, it goes to that phone immediately (and vice versa). All 3 devices have full R/W access keys. Tablet is located in a different time zone. But when I asked remote device owner to check date / time settings, they said it was set OK... Now I'm out of ideas. How to troubleshoot and fix this problem?
  12. @Helen, thanks a lot! Your advice to "disconnect" folder first has removed folder from the list
  13. I'm running Sync 2.2.4 on Android 4.4.2 and have very basic (and hopefully very simple) question. How to remove folder from app "Folders" list? With this action I don't want to remove the actual folder per say, only the item from the list of folders in Sync app. Unfortunately I can't find any simple way to do it... If I remove/rename the actual folder, app keeps referring it within list with this note: "Cannot identify destination folder"... Sorry in advance, if I miss some obvious solution to this basic problem
  14. I have several shares / folders configured in BTSync now. What if at a time I need to sync only some of them (or even just one) and not the others? Why I need it? I don't want to broadcast secret for those folders, that I don't want/need to synchronize every time I run BTSync time. I think it'd be very nice to have additional check box column in "My Sync" grid to allow (or not) specific folders to sync. At the moment I can do it by removing folder(s) from the list and then adding it/them back later. But, as you can see, this is not convenient and create unnecessary hassle, which could be eliminated with a simple check box in current UI design Thanks!