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  1. Correct. I misunderstood the idea of Deposit.
  2. This is exactly the idea: a workaround to avoid the explicit creation of folder two on the server. The Deposit could be used also for this.
  3. I can think to another use case for which this idea could be useful. 1. Bob uses BTSync on both his Laptop and on a Server. 2. Bob works mainly with his Laptop. 3. The Server is a secondary machine used exclusively as a backup. 4. Bob wants to share a folder with Alice. 5. Bob creates the secret for the folder on his Laptop ans sends it to Alice. 6. Alice is offline and when she receives the secret, Bob is offline. Alice is not able to sync the folder The current solution to this problem is for Bob to create a shared folder with the same secret also on his Server (after step 5). It would be nice to have an automatic sharing between Laptop and Server. This is the idea. A. Bob creates a special folder ONE on his Laptop and shares it with his Server by using a secret Secret_ONE B. Bob creates on his Laptop a subfolder TWO, within folder ONE. This subfolder, together with its content, is synchronized with the Server (up to here, nothing new). C. Bob shares folder TWO on his Laptop with Alice, by means of a newly generated secret Secret_TWO D. The Server assigns to its copy of subfolder TWO the same secret Secret_TWO that Bob created on his Laptop (that is, special folder ONE synchronizes not only the files but also the secrets ...) Now Alice can retrieve his copy of folder TWO even if Bob his offline, and Bob does not have apply the same secret on two machines (Laptop and Server) but only on his main machine (the Laptop)