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  1. ramon thsank you for your conitnuing help. please remember that im running the synology nas application version. how would i run btsync with that config file if im not running btsync using that command at all
  2. RomanZ, thank you for your help! but im using the bittorent sync app on my synology nas as the destination and i dont see any of the options you listed. i.e. 1. folder_rescan_interval - i dont see any options for this on my nas btsync app. 3. "Mobile internet" in BTSync options. Do you mean the "Use mobile data" option on my android phone btsync app? as i dont see any mobile internet options on my synology nas app. 4. i have a mac that i access the nas share that i backup my android phone to, and i dont see a .syncarchive on the nas share that is my destination for the backups. on the synology app i dont see a "sync_trash_ttl" option below are some screenshots of the only options i see in the btsync app in synology
  3. ok so i have 1 synology nas device ds212j with 1 share(backups) and i have a few questions. versions: on my nas running btsync Version 1.3.94 (which i got from the synocommunity packages) synology nas running dsm 4.3 os on my android(galaxy s5 running kitkat 4.4.3) im running btsync v. client 1. how can i change the time schedule that bittorrent checks to see whether it needs to upload a new file? is there a default file somewhere on the client or the synology client? i know on the mac client i could change the ms in the options, but i dont see one on the synology client. 2. if i have a huge initial dump file size(such as 20gb dcim folder) that im trying to backup with bittorrent a. can i copy the folder over the network first to this backups folder? will bittorrent recognize the files already on the share that match the ones from the dcim folder its uploading, or will it try to overwrite the same file? b. or do i have to let it use bittorrent client to do the backup? 3. is there anyway to setup bittorrent sync on the android device to only sync when its on wifi? or from certain scheduled times, i.e. 1am-6am. 4. when i delete a picture file from my dcim folder, it seems this deletes the backup that was made as well. this would be ok, but ther are times when im going to "clean out"my dcim folder and would liketo keep all the pictures backed up. is there an option to not delete from the backup? or would i have to just disable syncing and then setup a new folder sync after i delete all the files? sorry for all the questions and thanks in advance!!