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  1. AFAIK, no. It's the default camera directory, though, and I guess it's possible that some shitty TouchWiz app might try to act with them. (I disabled most after rooting it, but you never know.)
  2. I've got an Android phone whose pictures are synced to my desktops. Today I noticed that for whatever reason the entire directory was cleared out, on every machine. Luckily the files were still in my desktop's .SyncTrash. History confirms that the Android version deleted everything at 1:50 PM on Wednesday, and the desktops followed suit. I'm very disturbed by this, because it's not the first time BT Sync has happily deleted all synced copies of a file. A few weeks ago I uploaded a large file to my desktop in order to transfer it to the same directory on my phone. BT Sync finished uploading i