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  1. Sure thing! Where is that information logged? Thanks!
  2. Ah, interesting! I changed the listening port on BitTorrent Sync, and I'm still getting attempts to contact various IP addresses. The folders don't have DHT enabled. The folder settings and BS's preference are attached. Question: I'm seeing lots of cases of BS trying to contact lots of seemingly random (DHT?) IP addresses. Is that a result of the DHT sites sending packets to BS on my machine, and BS trying to answer? Or is BS reaching out all on its own? In any case, it's still happening Thanks for your help!
  3. Thanks @RomanZ... but I don't have DHT on for any folders, and don't believe I ever did, since I don't even know what DHT stands for. I'll try changing the listening port. What exactly does "DHT" stand for? What does it do? Thanks for your reply! -Eric
  4. Thanks for the suggestion, Marko, but it wasn't on to begin with
  5. Hello... Using Little Snitch on the Mac, I'm finding BitTorrent Sync is trying to connect regularly to unknown/unfamiliar IP addresses. Why would this be? Here are some of the IP addresses: port 43611 of port 43611 of port 43611 of port 43611 of All are UDP ports. Is this something to be concerned about? Can anybody help? Thanks! -Eric