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  1. Hello, I have a Mac Mini with a special network configuration. I am unsing VLANs on my wired interface (en0). They are vlan1 and vlan5 (with other, specific names). en0 itself is deactivated to not send/receive untagged packets. The vlan1 interface has DNS, Standard Gateway and so on -> Internet connection The vlan5 interface only has an IP, without Gateway and DNS because it is for a NAS connection. Everything is working perfect, also Bittorrent Sync. Until one of the last updates. When I start BTSync, it directly goes into paused mode. In the logfile, I found the following line: Change network from WIRED_NETWORK to NO_NETWORKI installed an older version (much more old) of BTSync, and voila, it works again. Please try to find and resolve this bug. Thank you very much, Best regards, Michel