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  1. I have a WD EX4 and want to synchronize files on the NAS with BT Sync. I have no problems setting it up and syncing some test files, but it is just super slow. I'm talking about 8 MB/s avg sometimes peaking at 10 MB/s. I have another computer on my LAN that when syncing goes at about 50MB/s so I know it is the network connection and when I just drag and drop files to it through finder to the EX4 I usually get about 30MB/s. I'm wondering is there something I can do to speed up BT Sync. I'm assuming that the hardware is just not capable of doing it and maybe BT Sync requires more CPU/RAM than th
  2. I'm trying to disconnect a folder from bt sync 2.0 but it simply won't disconnect. it is a read only folder and for some reason is highlighted yellow. when i click on the three dots the menu pops up and then disappears quickly. if i'm fast enough/ lucky enough i can click disconnect folder and click okay, but nothing happens. Anyone have any insight into why this is?
  3. Cool well that is something i might try out at least until 2.0 comes out. Thanks for the quick response!
  4. So am i correct in saying that you guys are working on getting it into the WD app store for the ex2/ex4 models? and hopefully have that at launch of 2.0? I know not to ask for dates and deadlines because it is difficult when programming for hundreds of devices and what not. you also said "I do hope that WD implements an app store and switches to a hybrid 64k/4k kernel like they did with the My Cloud EX2/EX4" so is the ex4 kernel actually a 64k/4k kernel or are you referencing that you want an app store for the other my cloud units. If they do run a 64k/4k kernel does that mean we can still
  5. Well I can't wait till functionality is restored... I don't want to rollback my firmware
  6. I have BT sync setup on 2 different Macs running 10.9.3 and btsync version 1.3.106 and I have the folders set to search on LAN only but they do not find each other. If I turn on use relay server and use tracker they will sync over the internet but I don't want this because it is 1 super slow and 2 will slow down the internet for everything else. I have 4 computers a NAS and a router feeding internet into a TP SG1008D (8 port unmanaged switch). My computers can see each other in finder and share files that way but in BT sync they don't see each other. I just want a way to sync my media between