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  1. @RomanZ Thanks for confirming what i feared. I shan't try. G
  2. Hmm… Yosemite looks great but it could get pricey with 170GB of photos… Glad you share my concern over syncing via BT Sync. I'll definitely make sure i'm backed up before i try… be good to hear if others have tried and had success.
  3. I've just started using BT Sync and loving it. I have 3 iPhoto libraries distributed across 3 macs, it would be great if they were all in sync… Does BT Sync sync iPhoto libraries?Will it sync in both directions?Can i sync 3 iPhoto libraries across 3 macs?How does it deal with dupes? (i'll have a lot of duplicates across the 3 libraries…)So many questions! Answers to any of the above will be received with gratitude! :-) Thanks, Garf