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  1. Yes, but already before it was too big. But with the new release it is not usefull anymore. So now i decided to delete btsync completely because it is not worthfull to stick to it in this condition. I will step back to older version or to completely another programm for syncing my backups between my servers. I used btsync now for about 2 years but it's ressource need is bigger and bigger which is not good for background syncing.
  2. Hi, i was wondering why one of my server told me his 100 % rootfs. It is a very light installation of ubuntu server. So i researched the reason and found Btsync as the bad guy. I have 2 other btsync installation and found the same symptom there. The /var/lib/btsync is messing up the rootfs and i got more than 10g there! Why? That's not common in linux to mess up the rootfs with a small programm. I found it on my raspberry as well. There was more than 2,4g antoher installation had 8,5g occupied space by BTsync. So why there are such big db files saved in /var/lib/btsyn