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  1. I think I am looking for the Bittorrent client server, sorry for the inconvenience!
  2. @ RomanZ I am using the Zyxel NSA325 v2, where you use the download server for torrent downloads. The program used for downloading torrents I Bittorrent I understood. I want to change the download folder, but it appears that I can only change this to a folder under the admin folder. Does anyone know how I can change this or is it better to use another torrent program from my laptop (using the torrent program on my NAS results in the ability to shut down your laptop, while the NAS is downloading the torrents).
  3. does anyone know how I can change the standard download folder of the torrent program on my NSA325? Apparently I only can download in the admin folder, and I have to manually copy (cutting and pasting option on my mac is not possible because the video folder is another server) the files to the video folder.