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  1. Agree. I'm currently using dropbox to get access to this feature.
  2. It could be nice to have "upload and delete" feature as one can upload all pictures from several phones to a common folder in a BTserver. With read-only one can only upload from one device.
  3. How about big files or more active files/ recent files or files that do not change. We could keep it to pictures and videoclips or just monitor a specific folder like dropbox. I did get your point however.
  4. LET's CREATE A WORLD WIDE ALWAYS ONLINE SERVER ============================================= Hello, My suggestion is to create the possibility to donate some space from my hard drive for others to put their files on to but not having access to the files. Files should be contained within an encrypted volume like truecrypt and managed but BTsync. The idea is to create a network of donated spaces to form a server that is always online. This storage can then only be used when there are no online peers for the synchronization to take place. Files can then be temporarily placed on this server for later retrieval by the user's other peers that the user might have. This removes the need for having an always online server for everyone. There will always be people with servers that are always on. I have a few myself with space to spare and 1Gbit U/D bandwidth. In the long run this space could be housing entire homepages. Sites like could then reduce costs. People could be more willing to donate space rather than $50 a year to the foundation. This could give more space to private GitHub repositories for schools. Or make decentralized homepages reality. Note: Files should be placed on three or more servers that are always on or 10 for servers that have less uptime. This means in general that the total space available is always less than or close to 1/3 of the total donated space. The uptime can be monitored by BTsync and reported to a server. Right now I can do this for friends, but I have to create new users on the OS for them to keep their files out of my reach. Hope it’s not too much. Thank you for your great work. Kind regards smg2006
  5. Reduce redundant retransmissions ========================= Hello, I fully agree that this feature it highly wanted. But this should also be applied across different synced folders. If I have two folders synced with another machine, then moving a file from one folder to the other should merrily reuse the file from folder 1 to create the new file at the 2nd folder in the remote machine. As a common rule, reuse of files and patches should be applied as much as possible. I would go as far as to say, if the file created on machine A already exist on machine B but not in a shared folder, then transmission should be avoided. This might just create too big a hashtable to be feasible, but small files could be ignored when hashing. I just signed up only to ask for this Kind regards smg2006