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  1. Hi all, I'm syncing a remote folder with one local folder already containing files. Is there a way for me to specify that i don't want to keep files existing in the local folder and that doesn't exist on the remote ?
  2. Hello RomanZ, I was actually thinking about a use case where sync folder is preconfigured before the launch of the application.
  3. U guys roxx !! Thanks !
  4. Hi all, Is there a way to flush devices history from the Web GUI ?
  5. Ok, every thing is up to the files/.sync/sync.dat file (Bencode format / beware of the fileguard) !
  6. Hi All, I've installed BitTorrent Sync on my android device (tremendous project by the way) ! Now I would like to add a sync folder to the sync service without using the app GUI. I've tried copying ".SyncID" file (i assume it contains the secret, right ?) to the folder on the storage and added the folder path in the "/data/data/com.bittorrent.sync/shared_prefs/com.bittorrent.sync_preferences.xml" file but the folder is not detected as a sync folder when i launch the app. Is there a way for me to achieve this without using the API ? Opening to auxiliary questions : - Is the API designed to work with the Android Client ? How to interact with it ? - Can i add sync folder using the API ? Thanks !