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  1. AFAIR, btsync uses a few kB of RAM for every single file it has to manage, additionally to the recive and send buffers and other data. That adds up for millions of files... same problem here on my NAS.
  2. But I see both (correct name and Remote peer), with only one other peer connected, and the messages clearly refer to the same peer, the messages have only minutes between them... BTW: an ID would at least make it possible to differentiate between several "unnamed" peers (when there are more than one) OS X 10.9.4.
  3. Having the same problem here. Mac <-> Linux (Synology), latest avaliable BTSync.
  4. I just looked at the history entries: Some lines say Remote peer, some say the correct computer name, all refering to the same computer... seems like the name resolution not very stable.. I also found a "Renamed file" mesage, where the old and new name are reversed. Are there any other wrong messages in the current versions?? Sharing a link or key via clipboard also doesn't work, nothing is copied to clipboard. Sharing via eMail gives me a working link.
  5. @RomanZ: I checked the keys, and the master, on which the lightroom catalog was edited, has both keys (naturally), and the slave (Synology Diskstation) has only the RO key. Well, after the disaster I found only the .!sync files, and nothing else. Yes, 100% sure, there are only these two computers which have keys to this folder: one Mac (master) and one Synology (RO) sure, but it wasn't there. BTW: Lightroom saves the database several times while it's open, similar to Excel. Here is the current history from the Mac, running the current BT Sync 1.4: 2 hours ago Finished syncing with Schroeder 2 hours ago Finished syncing with Schroeder 2 hours ago Finished syncing with Schroeder 2 hours ago Finished syncing with Schroeder 2 hours ago Remote peer removed file Lightroom5.lrcat-journal 2 hours ago Remote peer added file Lightroom5.lrcat 2 hours ago Finished syncing with SALLY 2 hours ago Added file Lightroom5.lrcat-journal Schroeder is the Synology backup, which has only the RO key. SALLY is a third PC, but it syncs only other folders, not the Lightroom folder. What do the lines beginning with "Remote peer " mean exactly? The remote peer is Schroeder, having just the RO key, as I understand it?
  6. I just had a similar problem which cost me many many hours of work to fix: Machine A) MacBook with BT Sync 1.3.94. Here I worked with Lightroom, modifying my 5 GB Lightroom database. Machine Synology NAS with BT Sync 1.3.94. Here I used the readonly key to make backups from machine A. This config was running for a while without problems. Now the sync was interrupted (A was in standby over night) and left a .!sync on B instead of the original lightroom catalog. When the sync resumed (probably after a shut down and reboot of B over night), the unimaginable happened: the new lightroom catalog file on A was deleted (ignoring the read only key!) and replaced with a .!sync file, which of course was incomplete and corrupt. Unfortunately my second backup (Crashplan) didn't had enough time to backup the new lightroom catalog before BT Sync deleted it. So all my edits were gone.....