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  1. @RomanZ - Thanks RomanZ. I appreciate the confirmation. Looking forward to the next release. Thanks again.
  2. I would rather get the ignore file to just ignore it. From what I've found from some technet docs, these junctions are standard as part of a win7 upgrade for "backwards compatibility" reasons. Regardless, I'm hoping to make the sync ignore file work versus redoing junctions, and all the libraries that seem to use those junctions. Did I put them there purposefully? Nope (see above). Can I delete them, maybe. but I'd rather get the syncignore file to ignore versus mucking around with deleting junctions put their by the os.
  3. Hello - I am trying to add my <username>\Documents folder to BTSync (not sharing yet). It will not index completely, it gets stuck on a Junction in the \Documents directory and fails. I've worked with support and confirmed this is a problem, they have indicated it will be fixed in a future release. (thanks for the help!). The temporary solution suggested is to add the junction to the .SyncIgnore file in \Documents. But, I cannot get BTSync to ignore the junction. This is the error I receive: [2014-06-30 14:46:51] SyncFolderScanner: GetFileList failed for folder \\?\C:\Users\<username>\Documents\My Videos - error code 5 These are my junctions in the Documents folder: dir /AL output: 02/03/2012 08:57 PM <JUNCTION> My Music [C:\Users\<username>\Music] 02/03/2012 08:57 PM <JUNCTION> My Pictures [C:\Users\<username>\Pictures] 02/03/2012 08:57 PM <JUNCTION> My Videos [C:\Users\<username>\Videos] I've shut down BTSync. and modified .SyncIgnore with of: My Videos My?Videos My?Videos\* Yet I still get the error above as it tries to index the junction. Any advice on what I'm doing wrong in my .SyncIgnore? Thanks in advance for the help