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  1. Helen, I don't need to finish sync these files, because I have them in different place. I just saw .btsz nulls from previous OS X installations on the same mac. it's like I saw ghosts I got rid of them by choose "Remove from all devices", but do it by hand is very inconvenient.
  2. Excuse me, I didn't say anything about any device.
  3. Hi I had to get rid of Sync on my mac and install new one twice. It share files with my home server. Now I see files with .btsz extension. Those files are no more, but Sync thinks it is on old mac instances which I can't unlink. I think we need some feature for it.
  4. I solved it. My bad. Sorry
  5. Hi. I've installed Sync on my Nexus 10 and when I tried to read QR code it says "Sorry, the camera is not available" What's wrong with it?