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  1. Romanz, thanks for updating the KB. it probably works fine on linux, but I have yet to find a way to have it on windows. the cygwin version I get with openssh version for example does not seem to generate hash version, or I have not found how. I will update my topic if I find something. C
  2. Romanz, I fully understand the plain text issue, that's why I was looking at the hashing. thank for your answer. I will look into that and see if I can figure it out. too bad there is no wiki for that, it would really be helpfull Cheers, C
  3. Dear all, sorry for my ignorance, but I have been trying to use a hash password in the conf file. Webui section "listen" : <IP: port> For example, will listen to any interface on the LAN at port 8888. To disable WebUI, remove this field "Login" and "Password" - allow you to set credentials. "password_hash" - allows you to enter password hash in crypt(3) format. using a plain password is easy, but I was wondering about the hashed version, 1. is it safer ? I mean does it make sense to use it or reverting it is a simple task ? 2. how can I hash a password
  4. see this topic in the feature request and an way to trick your way into that in the meantime has been proposed by Galonsor : link cheers, C
  5. I have to say that I am hoping big time for this feature to. and I also own a pro license which I would like to be able to use on all my nodes. as of now it is not too problematic as the read-only node has less than 10 shared folders so I simply unlinked it and I manually added the shares.. but it will be an issue at the moment I need to breach this limit other than that thanks for the great tool. C
  6. GreatMarko, thank you for the very quick response. although I have to admit I don't like the idea I understand that I have to go for this way now. I will see how I can split my folder sharing for the time being to be honest I don't really mind yet as the secondary device which needs read only access does not (yet) need more than 10 shares. but I sure hope this will be solved by the time so I can re-link it to my pro account. do you know if the feature is planned ? or should I head to the appropriate forum to request it ? cheers, C
  7. hello everyone, I am a little bit confused. I used v1.x for a little while and I cannot seem to wrap my mind on how v2.x is working. (to avoid hearing any comments saying you must have a pro license to enjoy all the features let me start by saying I have one) so in the previous version there was no "owner", nor link between the different devices. now I am facing an issue. I have a few devices (windows and synology), and I used to share some folders with read/write, but other with read only permission. this allowed me to have a repository from which all my devices were getting files but n