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  1. Thank you for the concise explanation and the link, that's great! But given that I don't want my files being re-downloaded, so I have the setting unchecked, then the messages from the iPhone and in the Peer List seem eroneous/wrong because my folders are definitely in sync within the rules defined by the setting. I guess I'd like to request that it tells me its in sync instead. Is this possible to change, is it a worthwhile feature request? Mikeman.
  2. Thank you for the prompt reply. That option is unchecked, but before I activate it, what does it do, or rather what will it do differently? Is there a full (technical) and concise description anywhere of how the backup works because it seems that many people are confused with the Read-Only type shares. I've tried to search but I don't find anything but simple how-tos and discussion here in various threads. Thanks. Mikman
  3. Hi, I've just updated the BTSync app on my iOS iPhone (latest iOS). The first problem I had was that the app kept disappearing after a few seconds whenever I started it up. I rebooted a few times but it made no difference. Finally I managed to sort this by clicking quickly on one of the app buttons before it disappeared, and after allowing it to use the camera, then cancelling the operation I managed to get back to the Folders view and it has been stable since. Just mentioning this in case this is a bug to be checked out... The main 'problem' I have now is that two of the three 'Backing up to:' devices on the iPhone are always listed as in the Connecting... mode. The other is fine and has synced. Looking at BTSync on each device shows they have successfully synced with the iPhone, but they each have a different list files to upload to each other. Can I fix this? Or is it normal? Mikman.
  4. Nice to see the new version out, but I still can't agree with the subscription model when there's no service provided by the company. I'd happily pay for major upgrades which is what I do for all my other software. I upgrade when I like, when I've got the money, and when I'm happy that the upgrade is mostly bug free. I really really don't like the subscription idea. I personally don't mind a limit of 10 folders, I'm not a power user - the most I've used is 4. But then I also use Dropbox, Owncloud, Google Drive, Cloud and Unison on and off as well.
  5. Just thought I'd chime in. I don't like software subscription models, I like to buy software rather than rent, as I do everything, and then have it work for as long as it lasts, which would probably be several years. Perhaps this is a generational thing (I started off coding Z80 machine code), I've always bought my software and always expected it to last a few years. But, Photoshop has gone towards subsrciption, ProTools (music software) has also gone this way, so it may well be the way the industry business model moves but I will try my very best to avoid subscribing myself. I think right now the subscription model is immature and is alienating a fair few people so I strongly hope that there will always be a one-off payment option (with extras for upgrades) to cater for poeple's different tastes. Besides that I also think that unless you're providing a constant service, e.g. hosting, then a subscription model really isn't applicable. Another thing not mentioned here is advertising... Did I read somewhere that the free version will contain advertising banners?
  6. OK, thanks for the info. I uninstalled and installed again and it now redirects the link to the BTSync app so all is well. It would be great if the 'Enter a Key' window also mentioned that it could take the link as well! That would have saved me some time in finding the iPhone option for send only the link. Keep up the good work, Mike.
  7. Hi, Just installed iPhone BTSync and emailed myself the link but when I click on it in both Firefox and IExporer it displays the V1.4 install question but then fails when click the 'already installed' button. Firefox: 'The address wasn't understood. Firefox doesn't know how to open this address, because one of the following protocols (btsync) isn't associated with any program or is not allowed in this context.' IE : 'Some content or files on this webpage require a program that you don't have installed.' I changed the iPhone option to send the secret instead of the link and got it working like that, but I thought I'd flag up the browser issue just in case it warrants investigation. Mike. Version: 1.4.103 Beta, Win7 P.S. Just to clarify, that's the Camera Backup link I'm talking about.
  8. Yes, thank you for your fast response, you are right - although they are difficult to find in my case because there are 69000 files in this shared folder! But, on one workstation (running under WinXP and IE8, therefore using a web browser front end) I don't have the same problem sync date. Probably because the files originated from there maybe? They still have the same mod times tho. However, besides this being the cause, why does the Date Synced not just display the date it was last synced? The file mod times should surely be irrelevant? Mike.
  9. Hi, I have an install of BitTorrentSync on a Win8.1 workstation and since installation my synced folder has always displayed 'in 18 years' in the Date Synced column. When I hover over this field it displays 'Sep 11 2032 9:40 PM'. I've attached a screen shot. As I say, its been like this since installation and removing and re-adding the folder doesn't help. I haven't tried re-installation just in case it needs investigation by the developers. Anyway, anyone else have this problem? Any solution gratefully accepted! Thanks. Mike. Version 1.4.103 Beta (check returns Client version is up to date).
  10. Thanks for the reply. But it does actually sync them, I have just confirmed this in case I was mistaken but I'm not! So if it does that then it really ought to mention the fact in the history. rtrpm.
  11. +1 I wondered this myself because I have 5 clients and often I'm creating large files on one client for sharing out. I see the same sort of thing in the upload distribution. I was also wondering how a file was uploaded. For example, do the other devices ever demand the same chunks of the new file so causing the seed device to send out duplicate data? Or do they somehow sort out different chunks? RTRPM.
  12. I use some flag files are just empty .txt files which have no content, zero length (e.g. touch my_lock.txt). But I see that these are treated differently to files which aren't empty in 2 ways (V1.3.06): 1. They don't feature in the history (tab) even though they get synced between devices. 2. They don't get put into the .synarchive when they are deleted. I'd like them to be the same as all other files which contain something. I can force them to become like the others by adding some content, but that's another step I'd rather not have to do. Is this a bug or by design, or a prob just on my systems (all Win7)? Anyone else see this happening? RTRPM.