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  1. is there a way to launch bt sync as a service on a debian machine? I guess an init.d script or something...
  2. Tuxpoldo thanks for this! I've a question: I've downloaded (and I'm using) the latest official release of BTSync from get sync websit. If I switch to your build, do I have to re-configure the identities and shared folders? Thank you.
  3. Thanks, this is a life (and money ) saver to me. I share only few folders, but they have a massive number of subfolders One more question: I see there is a ARM linux version of the app available: will it run only in graphical mode or within the application it's available an headless/daemon? Thank you!
  4. What if I share 1 folder with filese and 50 subfolders? It syncs 1 folder + files and the first 9 subfolders? Or what?
  5. Hello, I'm syncing with Android a folder containing a lot of 1 level subfolders and files. Usually only few files at time change and this are within subfolder, so to get an indication of what's going on I've to open all subfolders and see if there are file changing! I propose to add a stamp or an indicator in the app GUI to indicate what subflders are being modified during the sync, something like dropbox individual folder sync indicator.
  6. My daily use: - iPhone camera roll to RasPi with DLNA -> instant review on the TV - Comics from server to Nexus 7: nothing's faster than Sync I only use Sync when connected on WiFi.
  7. Good evening, here is my simple question: is it possible to write in SyncIgnore a rule that excludes contents basing on their creation or modification date? I've a server (RasPi) with a folder containing a big number of files, I want to set up a bidirectional sync of this folder with one device (a MacBook Pro), and also a simple unidirectional push to another device (an iPad). On this latest device I want to have only the files created or changed in the last X days, so that if I delete from the iPad one of this files on the X+1 day I want to keep it on the server and don't want btsync to recreate it on the iPad.