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  1. PLEASE CLOSE. In the end I redesigned the process I require. Your engineer got back to me once and wasn't really much helpful with his initial response. Unless this is dramatically improved in the future, I will not be considering it for my infrastructure. Which in the future will be around 50 servers and so yes, I will be needing a ROBUST system.
  2. So I tried this on redhat 7 on AWS. Server A:[20140714 22:16:18.981] Fully synced with 100D94CF2BC1090459F46007201BDD17C85C2F29.....[20140714 22:26:18.779] Fully synced with 100D94CF2BC1090459F46007201BDD17C85C2F29Server B: receiving file[20140714 22:16:18.908] Last pieces hash for 10669DBA7714F98C87482CE7EFAC20DE920B7DA0 is 6AC81F034E7D3BE8A550FC4A654A08BBD7B775E6[20140714 22:26:08.323] Merge: processing files message with 1 files[20140714 22:26:08.323] SyncFilesController: Got 1 files from remote ([20140714 22:26:08.323] SyncFilesController: Got file from remote (
  3. Hi, Thanks for following up. Even though I am having a hard time trying to get this to work. I do appreciate someone spending time on this. Someone contacted me and I did reply back. So thank you for that. I am trying dropbox, aerofs and btsync, but I am trying to find the best solution for me. On paper this seems like the best solution for me. 1) P2P syncing. 2) Lan syncing. 3) Ability Ignore files/folders. 4) One way syncing. 5) Probably some more things but can't think of it right now. It's just a shame this did not work out of the box for me.
  4. Even after doing a re-install on both. Leaving all options as default. I still see: [20140712 02:16:38.039] ping[20140712 02:16:38.044] Incoming connection from[20140712 02:16:38.047] SyncFolder::ProcessRequest() received "state_notify" request.[20140712 02:16:38.047] Got state notify from peer 10CD692C43913B30A934047587C7AD1BB4AA10BF - tree:97BD53E8E5C73FA02902DA648750577A7F6276E0 pieces:1E9B93204895DBF60BB7F3C78AB44B94153A1D1A[20140712 02:16:39.047] Send ping to peer (10CD692C43913B30A934047587C7AD1BB4AA10BF) for share D1E85B013F0FD2AC3237C04890620023E8
  5. Wow, this platform is seriously garbage. Does this actually work for anyone? I redid the setup so the IPs are different now. But really? I have all these statuses and still no actual real-time syncing here. [20140712 00:06:33.465] Checking connection to[20140712 00:06:33.465] Checking connection to[20140712 00:06:33.465] Failed to open tunnel to[20140712 00:06:33.467] Failed to open tunnel to[20140712 00:06:43.472] Checking connection to[20140712 00:06:43.472] Checking connection to 172.1
  6. Thanks for replying. I really appreciate it!! I tried this and it really makes no difference. I enabled debugging and here is what I found: Server B: 140711 19:30:06.078] ping[20140711 19:30:06.079] Checking connection to[20140711 19:30:06.079] Send ping to peer (1051679F8A3AF0150261CDC895BB42110345E8BE) for share 1866700239B4DD73623256D3B6F722E5022F968B:[20140711 19:30:06.079] ping[20140711 19:30:06.079] Checking connection to[20140711 19:30:06.079] Send ping to peer (0000000000000000000000000000000000000000) for share
  7. Hi, I generated my own rpm for centos using the latest source and spec file here:'m using 2 centos 6.5 servers on the same lan. Server A (acts as a server) and has the secret generated and folder shared. Server B (acts as a client) and has a read-only folder of Server A. Upon start of btsync on Server B, I see in the logs of Server A: [20140711 18:06:01.521] Incoming connection from the files on Server B are accounted for, so I know the connectivity between both servers work and I see in the web UI for Server A th