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  1. Sorry for the doubts, but is there any more protection beyond the key generated by BitSync? My doubt is, it's possible for a person i do not know, have access to my key and therefore have access to content of the folder, correct? Where BitSync keys are kept? It is possible to have a key and password at the same time to protect my folder contents? My knowledge about the bittorrent protocol, and please correct me if i'm wrong, is that bittorrent is a P2P protocol, and therefore my files will be synchronized using other people computers, correct? It's that secure? Or BitSync will encrypt my files during transfer over the P2P nework? Sorry about my doubts, but my knowledge about bittorrent is very limited. Thanks in advance. Once more, sorry about my doubts, they probably seem stupid, but for me it's better to ask and get an awnser, that remain with them.