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  1. Hello, after considerable testing (cross platform between Windows, Mac OSX and Linux versions) I think I have found a quite annoying bug. Situation: 3 machines sharing files with a Read Only key, source is a Mac OSX machine. Symptom: An updated file refuses to sync, stays in the list. File size has changed, file date has changed, still no sync. Changing to a Full Access key on the same directory, without starting all over again, solves the problem - the updated file in the source is being synced to the target(s). So, it seems that 'Read Only' applies to both sides for updated files. First-time/new files sync OK. We have tested this from MacOSX to Windows/Linux AND the same bug appears when syncing from Windows to MacOSX (Linux not tested). FWIW: all versions are 1.3.106 This is consistent behavior, so it seems to be a real bug. We'd like to hear from you all! Grtz, R&B