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  1. Like in a post before ( I have an issue with a peer. This is the story, a pc was broken, so I have to buy a new one and I've installed all the software I need, even btsync. I've started the sync from the source peer to this new one (so folder were blank), the sync started and ended after some time (some hours). But after this first sync the source peer is stalled, it is not syncing anymore with other peers even if all other peers can sync together correctly. The source peer is correctly recognized, but it never starts to sync even if I add new file. Your debug logs are too verbose, so I can send a 30MB of zip file by this forum. I've tried to see something in the logs like the previous time I can find only a strange message related to the stalled peer: <date and time> PD[<hex>] [<hex>] Failed to open TCP tunnel, endpoint:, status: "Impossibile stabilire la connessione. Rifiuto persistente del computer di destinazione. ", encryption: SRP, socket: 0x000000f1d4d8e1d0 I've not changed any config in this peer. I send you a little file with some of those messages. Thank you
  2. Solved today with a workaround very close to your tip. I've re-added all files/folders in other peers that btsync tried to check without deleting it. After about 30-40 files all seem normal. I've tested the sync in many peers and seems to work. After this operation I've restored the files I need. It's very strange that this has happened only in one peer and that btsync try to check other peers. I have to say that the app is not so clear about the activity that is doing, even if all messages in the frontend were clean I noticed a lot of work monitoring the app. I think that you should provide a command to force the re-creation of indexes/signature and re-comparison of files/folders between the peers. Thank you, Mariano
  3. Little update: 1) Tried to clean the peer completely and re-install the app: now it's stalled in 2 folder 2) I've verified within the log that it is tring to verify signature on some file that are no longer existing because of deleted (many time ago). I've tried to recreate and delete the folder in another peer but still not working. Thanks, Mariano
  4. I've 5 peer connected with 4 folder with btsync. As I updated to windows 10 and btsync 2.1.x only one peer has gone crazy. Here is the situation this peer works with 4 folder, only one folder of those is stalled. There is a very slow sync activity in existing files, only new files are synced. The existing one in this peer has always the priority in syncing, even if other peer has updated a file. I can't send you the entrire logs via forum, so I'm putting an extract in which I've tried to see what is the problem, I've noticed some messages that are not right: there are many messages like this: SF[E0D8] [EF61]: Won't connect file xxx, in failed downloads and then Blocked downloading file xxxx due Connection closed SF[E0D8]: Torrent \\?\xxxxx state:4 error: meta:1 conns:1 io:0 I've already done some stupid things: 1) Verified the owner of the files in all peers 2) verified connection with all peers (trying to modify the other folders) and they work 3) Delete and reconnect the folder of the not running peer 4) Re-installed btsync (not deleting appdata folder ... should I clean all?) I repeat, this behaviour happens only in one peer even if in others I've made the same things... sync_extract-log.txt
  5. Maybe this is the right place to ask ... I've updated btsync, but I reached the folder's limit of the free edition. I'd like to unlink a folder and re-enter in the folder's limit, how can I do this? I've tried to delete it, but btsync says that the folder is disconnected but it is still in the count of the limit. Thank you, Mariano poor guy ... remove button ... I've seen it now, maybe I have to change my glass
  6. This issue is still present event in version 1.4.91 Beta I've collected new logs, they are in the same folder. I hope it can be solved. If you have no idea or you not have the time to solve this issue would you please tell us?
  7. Hi all, I've upgraded to 1.4.91 using the auto-update function, in one peer (win 8 with IE10) I've now the blank UI issue. I've checked all the suggestions in this thread (security option in IE, firewall, antivirus, .css in registry). Nothing seems to work. The only thing that is different in this machine is that the account that uses btsync does not have admin privileges. Btsync works, I can see the peer online on other PC. The strange thing is that with the admin user, the UI works. What I have to do?
  8. Is there a date of when the automatic update will be available?
  9. it's a fraud!!!!!
  10. I've upgraded my iPad to IOS8, and I've found many issue (btsync version1.4.60 on iPad Air): 1) when I try to see a file with the quick look option , it remains closed. 2) The "open with..." option does not open anything. 3) Sync remains stopped even if the other peers suggests a lot of files to be synced Probably Btsync must be upgraded soon...
  11. I've send a message to you. I've collected the logs from PC1 in debug mode. The other peers PC4 and HP530 are the cause of the abnormal update. The files updated were never touched or updated by those peers. I've only turn off those peers for the entire day and than turned on. All the peers run the 1.4 version. I hope they will be useful.
  12. Yes, I am sure. Just because the wrong update happens at the startup of the 3rd peer. I have to say that I've forgotten to update one peer with the 1.4 version (a 4th one). So maybe that this peer propagate the error. If I notice something else I'll send you the logs. I will try my scenario another time next week with the new version.
  13. Panic 1 is the same issue of and still not solved.
  14. I've installed the 1.4 version. The issue is still present, the scenario is always the same and it's very simple to reproduce: 1. syncronize at least 3 peer 2. turn off pear 3 3. modify and syncronize files between 1-2 4. turn on pear 3 (a day after in my case): this pear updates the files modified in step 3 with its old version I've noticed this behaviour with .xls file, .dat files (txt files used by our system). As soon as I can I try to make some log.
  15. I've collected the logs, but the files are very heavy. I'm trying to send all, is there a public drop folder?
  16. Sorry, I'm a little busy ... I'll send the email as soon as I can!
  17. I have the same issue on version 1.3.106 In my case it's always a remote peer that updates in the wrong way. It seems to not recognize the changes when returns online. In my configuration this issue comes every day and always with xls files.