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  1. Links which connect to a server I do not own are not secure. Maybe the secret is not in the URL, but everything needed to obtain the secret is. And it is giving a ton of data about what I am doing with btsync and who I am sharing files with. Also you cannot paste links directly into btsync. I tried. On Windows I get an error "The secret is invalid. Please generate a new secret or enter the secret for your shared folder." On my Linux server it ignores it entirely.
  2. The new version presents a new problem. Apparently the secret changed with the installation of the new version of the app. I can't copy just the secret anymore, it only lets me copy a URL to or email the link. First of all, this is a huge privacy/security violation. It appears to include the secret in the link, but there is no way for me to get the secret from my phone to my computer without sending the secret to If I am sending the link to a third party, it is no longer secret. Second of all, it doesn't work. Clicking on the link just displays a message: "Firefox doesn't know how to open this address, because the protocol (btsync) isn't associated with any program." Manually copying the secret doesn't appear to work as my computer never connects to the phone.